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Outside Burning of Brush

It is illegal to burn brush in town without obtaining a written burning permit from town Fire Wardens Ken Callahan (924-3726), Peter Paris (924-4078) or Francis Guptill (924-3013).

Permits are issued whenever conditions permit. Generally, outdoor burning will be limited to days when it is actually raining, or immediately following prolonged rains, when grounds and foliage are still damp, with little or no wind. Brush may be burned whenever there is complete snow cover, but even then we ask residents to contact any of the Fire Wardens so that we can let Murual Aid know that a permited burn is under way at your address.

With a written burning permit, fires are to be started after 5PM (unless raining steadily with the permission of the Fire Warden), and must be completely extinguished by midnight. All fires - no exceptions - must be attended at all times, and the embers must be extinguished.

Town residents starting fires without a written permit from the fire warden are responsible for the cost of extinguishing any fire. Sharon residents initiating brush fires are also liable for costs of any fire damage to neighboring properties. The burning of any form of household trash is prohibited by the State of New Hampshire.