Notices are shown in chronological order, with the most recent notices shown first. Older notices may be found in the archive at the bottom of this page.

Planning Board Hearing

The Sharon Planning Board will hold a hearing to discuss and gather public input on proposed changes and amendments to the town's Zoning Ordinances:

  • Amendments to Article XXIII (Highland Conservation District)
  • Proposed new amendment dealing with Small Wind Energy Systems (proposed Article XXIV) 

Texts of the proposed changes may be found under the "Documents and Forms" tab on the town web site (

The hearing will be held at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at the Sharon Meeting House, 432 Route 123, Sharon, NH.

The regular monthly Planning Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 9 has been cancelled.

Trustees of Trust Funds - Meeting Cancelled

The meeting of the Trustees of the Trust Funds scheduled for Tuesday, October 14 has been cancelled.  The Trustees will meet again at their regularly scheduled meeting in January.

Sharon is a "dry" town


The questions concerning Sharon's status as a "dry" town appeared on the ballot during November 4, 2014 elections.  Voters overwhelmingly approved the change.  Here are the official voting results:

Question A:  YES 122 -- NO 67
Question B:  YES 135 -- NO 53
Question C:  YES 135 -- NO 53
Question D:  YES 137 -- NO 49


There have been several communications sent to residents regarding Sharon’s status as a “dry” town.  Although the origin of the status is unclear (it might have been done during Prohibition, or even earlier as part of the temperance movement), the fact is that there are now only three towns in New Hampshire that are still dry:  Ellsworth, Millsfield and Sharon.

Until recently, being a dry town had little impact on Sharon’s residents--we obviously have no place where alcohol could be sold.  However, with the growth of Internet shopping, an increasing number of people are ordering beer and wine from their favorite brewery/vineyard and asking that it be delivered to their home.  The problem is that shipments to homes in Sharon cannot be made because of our status as a dry town.  Yes, we know the shipments are sometimes made, but technically and legally, it is not supposed to happen.

The state has implemented a process (RSA 663:5) the allows towns to vote on whether to change their status.  Obviously, most towns have done so, long ago.  For example, the most recent votes in surrounding towns took place in Temple and Hancock in 1964.  Yes, 1964.

During voting last March, following the procedure outlined in the RSA, a petition was available to Sharon residents asking if they wished to have the opportunity to vote on the issue.  A total of 70 registered voters signed the petition, far more than the required 5%.  Again following the provisions of the RSA, that petition was forwarded to the Secretary of State who has placed the question on the ballot that you will see when you vote on November 4.

But, like most things bureaucratic and legal, the wording of the questions that will appear on the ballot is complicated and confusing.  Here is a brief explanation of what the votes mean on each of the questions:

(a) "Shall state stores be operated by permission of the state liquor commission in this city or town?''

This is pretty obvious.  A YES vote would allow the state liquor commission to build and operate a state liquor store in Sharon.  But we all know that will likely never happen given our exceptionally small population, our lack of a commercial/retail district, and the fact that there are already large state stores in Peterborough, Jaffrey and Rindge.

(b) "Shall malt beverages (beer) be sold by permission of the state liquor commission in this city or town?''

The wording is confusing, but a YES vote on this question would allow vendors to sell malt beverages (beer) to Sharon residents and have it shipped to their home.  This issue (along with the similar issue in the next question) is what precipitated going through the process to get these questions before the voters.  A number of residents have shared that they have attempted to have beer or wine delivered to their home, but the sale was refused because of Sharon’s status as a dry town.

(c) "Shall wines containing not less than 6 percent nor more than 15.5 percent of alcoholic content by volume at 60 degrees Fahrenheit (table wine) be sold by permission of the state liquor commission in this city or town?''

Similar to question (b), a YES vote on this question would allow vendors to sell wine to Sharon residents and have it shipped to their home.  

(d) "Shall liquor be sold for consumption on the premises where sold by permission of the state liquor commission in this city or town?''

This question asks if residents wish to allow for the sale of liquor at restaurants, taverns, or other places where it is consumed on premise.  Sharon has had several taverns in its history (see chapter five of Sliptown, by Thorn King).  However, our current zoning regulations do not permit those establishments, so any potential business would need to go through the Zoning Board of Adjustment for approval.  This would obviously entail public hearings where residents could voice their opinions.  Further, the establishment would also need to obtain a liquor license issued by the state liquor commission.  In other words, a YES vote on this question does not automatically allow for the operation of a tavern or restaurant.


This information will be available at the polls during election day (Sharon Meeting House, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 11:00 am to 7:00 PM).  In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact:
Chet Bowles
Sharon Town Administrator
924-9901 or

Annual Sharon Picnic - August 24, 2014

Join us at the 123rd Annual Sharon Picnic:
Willard Bass Park, Route 123
Sunday, August 24, 2014, from Noon to 2

Please bring your own picnic lunch
(desserts to share are welcome)

  • Preserving Sharon’s Legacy: Town volunteers will talk about preserving historical documents and artifacts
  • Update on what’s happening in town.
Rain:  Picnic event will shift to the Sharon Meetinghouse.

Questions? Contact the Trustees of Willard Bass Park
Anne Booth: 924-6425 Hampton Howard: 924-3938
Ken Callahan: 924-3726 Gina Goff: 924-6206
Bass Park, founded in 1891, is supported solely by private donations.

Records Managment Committee

The newly formed Records Management Committee has established two dates for future meetings: Thursday, July 17 and Thursday, August 14.  Both meetings will be held at the Sharon Meeting House and will begin at 5:30 PM.

Also, the Archive work group will continue to meet each week on Tuesday afternoons--3:00 PM at the Meeting House.

All of these dates have been added to the Calendar available on the Town web site:

School Board Representative and Special Selectmen's Meeting

Although it has taken several months and has involved some very interesting legal issues, we are very happy to report that Gary Backstrom has agreed to accept the appointment as the Sharon representative to the School Board. 

Gary has had a chance to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the position--as well as the time commitment--with several past School Board representatives from Sharon.  He also spent quite a bit of time talking with one of the current Board members.  In other words, he comes to the position with a good understanding of the commitment he is making. 

We have verified with Town Counsel that it is the Selectmen who make the appointment and also administer the Oath of Office.  So, to that end, the Sharon Selectmen will hold a special meeting at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.  The single item on the agenda will be the appointment of Gary to the School Board position.  The appointment early in the evening will allow Gary to attend the School Board meeting later that night as a full member of the Board.

With our sincere thanks to Gary for his willingness to serve our town and the community at large in this very important position.

Selectmen - Summer Meetings

Continuing with past tradition, the Sharon Board of Selectmen will meet one time per month in June, July and August.  The Selectmen will meet on the following dates in 2014:
  • June 17
  • July 15 (see note, below)
  • August 19
 The June and August meetings will be held at the Sharon Meeting House.  However, in Sharon's own version of "throwback" events, the July meeting will be held in our historic Brick School House. 

Please look for more details to come, but start planning now to join the Selectmen on July 15 for what could be a very interesting and fun meeting (we are certain you will enjoy sitting in those small, uncomfortable desks!).

Conservation Commission - Change of Meeting Day/Time

The Sharon Conservation Commission is changing its regularly scheduled meeting day/time as follows:

Old meeting day/time:  Second Monday of each month - 6:30 PM
New meeting day/time:  Fourth Tuesday of each month - 6:30 PM

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the Sharon Meeting House.

Archive Committee Meeting

At their meeting on April 15, 2014 the Sharon Selectmen met with many of the volunteers who have been helping organize the Town archive materials (the archive room is in the basement of the Meeting House). 

The following people participated in the discussion:  Marc LaPlante, Linda Paris, Carl Newton, Mitch Call, Ken Callahan, Robert Hauser, Ann Carpenter, Anne Booth, Jack Ogren, Mary Ellen Bushnell, and Rick Lusky.

This group has been working diligently to organize and catalog the Town's many documents and papers that have been collected over the years; this is a tremendous service to the Town.  As part of the discussion, the Selectmen agreed to appoint a formal committee to oversee the archive effort.  The committee.

The first meeting of the newly formed Archive Committee will be held at 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at the Meeting House.  The meeting is open to all who are interested.

Vacancy - Sharon Representative to ConVal School Board

The following public notice will appear in an upcoming issue of the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript:


Sharon Representative to ConVal School Board

In accordance with the provisions of RSA 671:33 II(b), the Selectmen of Sharon are seeking candidates wishing to be considered for appointment as the town’s representative to the ConVal School Board.

Those wishing to be considered should send a letter of interest to the Selectmen, 432 NH Route 123, Sharon, NH 03458 or, by email, to   Letters must be postmarked by April 30, 2014.

For additional information, please contact the Sharon Town Administrator, 924-9901.


And this email was sent to the Superintendent, with copies to his Administrative Assistant and to Town Counsel:

Dear Brendan and Brenda,
It has taken some time, but I was finally able to speak with all nine people who received one write-in vote as the Sharon representative to the ConVal School Board.  And, although several were quite interested, they all declined due to work and other considerations.  This means that we have now contacted all fourteen people who received write-in votes; all have declined.
So, at this point, we will implement the provisions of RSA 671:33 II(b) and will seek candidates wishing to be considered for appointment by the Selectmen to the vacant position.  To that end, the following public notice will appear in an upcoming issue of the Ledger-Transcript.  We will also place the notice on our town website, which means it will be sent to Sharon residents via our email distribution list.
I will continue to keep you informed of our progress in resolving this issue.
Again, we are sorry for the delay in filing the position,

Road Closure

Cross Road in Sharon will be closed to all traffic beginning March 31, 2014 for the replacement of the bridge across Town Line Brook.  It is anticipated that the road will be open for limited travel by July 29, 2014 and that final work will be completed by August 28, 2014.

Hansen Bridge of New London, NH was the low bidder on the project and was awarded the contract after approval by the state.  They will be posting signs at both ends of Cross Road and also at the intersection of McCoy Road and Route 123.

Notices about the closure have been placed in the newspaper.  Police, fire, ambulance and the school bus company have also been notified.

Selectmen - Special Meeting (Correction)

In an earlier notice, an incorrect date was given for a meeting the Selectmen will hold with representatives of Hoyle-Tanner.  The meeting will be held February 28, 2014, not March 28 as stated in the original announcement.

Here is the corrected announcement:

The Sharon Selectmen will be meeting with representatives from Hoyle-Tanner, the engineering firm doing the design work for the Cross Road Bridge.  The meeting will be held on Friday, February 28, 2014, 9:00 AM, at the Sharon Meeting House.

Selectmen - Special Meeting

The Sharon Selectmen will be meeting with representatives from Hoyle-Tanner, the engineering firm doing the design work for the Cross Road Bridge.  The meeting will be held on Friday, March 28, 2014, 9:00 AM, at the Sharon Meeting House.

2014 Town Warrant, Budget (MS-6), and Zoning Amendments

The following documents have been posted on the Town web site:
  • 2014 Town Warrant;
  • 2014 proposed Budget of the Town (DRA form MS-6); and
  • Two amendments to the Zoning Ordinances as proposed by the Planning Board.
Please follow this link to view the documents:

Hard copies of the documents will also be posted on the bulletin board at the Meeting House.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Sharon, NH Zoning Board of Adjustment will meet at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 to consider an application by Alexis Murray-Golay who wishes to operate a home based business at her home, 201 Spring Hill Road.  Ms. Golay is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and wishes to meet with clients in her home.

The hearing will be held at the Sharon Meeting House, 432 Route 123.

Budget Hearing

The Selectmen will consider the 2014 budget for the Town of Sharon at a hearing on
Tuesday, February 4, 5:30 PM, at the Sharon Meeting House, 432 Route 123.

Public Hearing - Planning Board

The Sharon Planning Board will hold a second Public Hearing to discuss proposed changes to the Highland Conservation District (HCD), Article XXIII, Section F, of the Sharon Zoning Ordinances.  The hearing will be held on Tuesday, January 28, 2013, 6:00 PM at the Sharon Meeting House, 432 Route 123.
After considering comments made at the first Public Hearing on December 17, 2013 and discussing the issue at subsequent meetings, the Planning Board is now proposing that Article XXIII, Section F be repealed in its entirety.  This section deals with the regulation of logging and forestry operations in the Highland Conservation District.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Hours Cancelled

Due to inclement weather, the Town Clerk/Tax Collector office hours scheduled for tonight (January 2, 2014) have been cancelled. 

Regular office hours will resume next Tuesday, January 7, 2014, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.