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Town Picnic - NEW DATE

The 120th Annual Sharon Picnic
Willard Bass Park

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[new date is thanks to the arrival of Hurricane Irene in August ]

from Noon to 2 or thereabouts

          All residents and others interested in the Town of Sharon, New Hampshire, are cordially invited to attend the Annual Sharon Picnic, first held in 1891. In 1897 Samuel W. (Willard) Bass placed in trust a small parcel of land for the "purpose of holding thereon public picnics", and in 1933 Ruth Taggart Rice added a second parcel for the same purpose.  These parcels make up our present 1.5 acre Willard Bass Park, located in the center of Sharon on Route 123.

     At 1:00 we will have the usual notices by town officials of current happenings in Sharon.  In addition, Pete Throop, Director of the Monadnock Community Conservation Partnership (MCCP) program of the Monadnock Conservancy, will give a brief update on Sharon’s draft Open Space Plan.  During the past year, a sub-committee of the Sharon Conservation Commission, led by Pete, has written the draft plan which is based on community input and their review of the town’s natural resources maps.  A representative from the NH Fish and Game Department will then talk about the state Wildlife Action Plan and key wildlife habitats in Sharon.

          After the picnic, you are invited to hear an overview presentation on Sharon’s draft Open Space Plan and to provide input, reactions, and comments before the plan is finalized. Community participation is essential to ensuring that the plan meets the needs of the town so your thoughts will be much appreciated. 

          Some of you may have noticed the damage done to the park fence by this year’s heavy snow.  Ken Callahan has done his best to restore it, but much of it is in need of replacement.  We ask that you keep the fence in mind when you donate to the park this year.

          Bring your picnic and your lawn chair to enjoy the park, get to know your Sharon neighbors, and welcome newcomers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.  A few contributions to the community dessert table are always welcome.  If you've never been to a Sharon Town Picnic, do come this year!  And feel free to call any of the Trustees of Willard Bass Park listed below if you have questions.

          Anne Booth     924-6425                     Ken Callahan         924-3726               Linda Claff      924-3503                      Gina Goff                924-6206
             Hampton Howard       924-3938                

Special Election for State Rep

Reminder: there is a special election for a vacant State Representative seat on September 20. Polls are open at the Town Meeting House from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.