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Fire Ban

 Due to extremely dangerous fire conditions, the Fire Warden is prohibiting all outdoor burning, including previously permitted seasonal campfires.  See below the order by the Chief of the New Hampshire Forest Protection Bureau.  These restrictions will not be lifted until a substantial change in the weather takes place.  Please check with any of the three Wardens in town about getting burn permits in the future.

Ken Callahan, Fire Warden, Town of Sharon  924-3726

Peter Paris, Deputy Fire Warden  924-4078

Francis Guptill, Deputy Fire Warden  924-3013




172 Pembroke Road Concord, New Hampshire 03301



To: Forest Fire Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Special Deputy Wardens, Fire Departments

From: Steven Sherman, Chief, NH Forest Protection Bureau

Date: September 25, 2020

Subject: State Prohibition on Open Fires and Smoking in and near woodlands


Today the Governor and Council signed a Proclamation prohibiting open fires and smoking in and near woodlands.  This was done because of the fire conditions we have and will continue to have as we enter Fall.  The drought conditions are severe across the state and wildfire indices are at the point where the potential for large fire activity exists.

What prohibitions are contained in the Proclamation?

Also to note: The online fire permit system has been shut down until weather conditions shall be unlawful for any person in the State to Kindle an open fire, including fires built for camping, the burning of debris, or warming, on all public trails or other public property, excluding public Campgrounds, to  smoke a pipe, cigar and/or cigarette outdoors in or near public woodlands or on public trails, to kindle a category 3 fire; a fire greater than 4 feet in diameter or a fire not contained within a ring of fire resistive material

What this means is:

All fires are prohibited on public lands, except in a campground

Category 3 fires are banned everywhere, public and private lands

Category 1 and 2 fires are allowed on private property with a fire permit

No smoking is allowed in or near public woodlands or on public trails


Post the Proclamation Signs in public places and at access points to public lands in your town. A

copy of the sign is attached to this letter for you to print and post.    Contact public and private campgrounds to discuss fire prevention measures, staffing at

campgrounds, and ensure all extra campground requirements are still in place for each campfire.

o Advise your Forest Ranger when fire danger conditions change in your community as well as any

permit restrictions in place.  While not prohibited in the proclamation, per Res 5601.04(a)(5)

Category 1 and 2 permits may be suspended by the Forest Fire Warden if they determine weather

conditions to be unfavorable.  Res 5608.01 Unfavorable weather conditions shall include, but not

be limited to, wind, lack of precipitation, or any other factor which could increase fire hazard



Steven Sherman

Chief, New Hampshire Forest Protection Bureau