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Update on Motor Vehicle Registrations


The following protocols will be implemented immediately for
Motor Vehicle Registrations:

Based upon information and advice received from the State of NH all motor vehicle registrations will be done by mail until further notice.  In order to process your registrations please follow the guidelines listed below:  (Edited 3/21/2020)
  1. Reminder letters have been sent, these will list all current vehicles due for registration.
  2. These letter include the amount for each vehicle and the total amount due.
  3. Write a check made payable to the Town of Sharon for the amount due and sign it. 
  4. Write a check made payable to the State of NH-DMV for the amount due and sign it.
  5. Please supply the address that you want the registration(s) mailed to and supply a valid phone number so that the Town Clerk can reach you if there are any questions.
  6. You may drop this information off at the Meeting House in the drop box by the front door, or mail to Jane Murray, Town Clerk, Town of Sharon, 432 Rte 123, Sharon, NH 03458.

As of Monday, March 23rd the DMV will be open by appointment only.  If you need to visit the DMV you will need to call 603-227-4000 to make an appointment.  The only DMV offices that will take appointments are: Manchester, Dover, Twin Mts., Concord, and Newport.

All temporary plates issued February 26th and later have been extended to the end of April.
If the temporary plate was issued before February 26th you may call the Town Clerk at 603-924-1058 to make an appointment to obtain plates.

Drivers licenses have been extended 6 months, however, if your license has expired you must call the DMV to get your license extended.


You may license your dog by mail.  Spayed and neutered dogs are $6.50 each; unspayed and unneutered dogs $9.00 each.  The first dog for anyone age 65 and over is $2.00, any other dogs are at the regular costs.  If your dog has recently received a rabies shot please send a copy of the rabies certificate.  If licensing by mail please include the name(s) of the dog(s).  Please send a check made payable to the Town of Sharon with the amount due for the number of dogs you have and sign it.