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Town Election Results

Results of the Election for Town Officers

Selectman for 3 years:      Patrick Galbraith - 41               Frederick Woodhouse - 22

Town Clerk for 3 years     Jane Murray - 71

Tax Collector for 3 years  Karen Shea Dufresne - 71

Treasurer for 1 year          Susan Bowles - 70

Trustee of the Trust Funds for 3 years  Chester Bowles - 66

Audit Board for 3 years (written in)     Allan Everson - 3    Jack Ogren - 3
Note:  these individual will be contacted to determine if one of them will accept the position.

Moderator for 2 years (written in)    Rory Goff - 14
Note: this individual will be contacted to determine if he will accept the position.

Supervisor of the Checklist for 6 years    Susan Bowles - 67