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Planning Board Public Hearing #2 2017-10-10

Notice of Public Hearing

There will be a Public Hearing before the Sharon Planning Board concerning revisions to the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure and to proposed amendments to Zoning and Building Ordinance and the Land Subdivision Control Regulations.
The Hearing will be held at the Sharon Meetinghouse on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 beginning at 6:30 PM.

Zoning and Building Ordinance: Article XXV: Accessory Dwelling Units.
  1. Under Requirements and Limitations: to remove the requirement of a separate Post Office Box.
    1. Add a requirement that if the primary or ADU serves as a Bed and Breakfast unit, it must also fulfill requirements of approval by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.
    2. Amend Article XXV.D: Owner Occupied, to clarify the restriction that the primary residence/ADU may not become a condominium or any other form of legal ownership.

Zoning and Building Ordinance: Article IV.A: Provisions Applicable to All Districts – Land Requirements, indicate that or any lots within or partially within an overlay district, the setbacks indicated for such overlay district would prevail.

Land Subdivision Control Regulations:

  1. With regard to Section II: Definitions, an “Abutter” was defined twice within the articles.  It was determined appropriate to remove the definition listed in Section II.i.
  2. With regard to Section IV: General Requirements for the Subdivision of Land: to delete the setbacks listed within this regulation and reference setback requirements in the Zoning and Building Ordinance, Article IV.A.