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General Election

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. Polling hours will be from 11:00AM-7:00PM at the Sharon Meeting House, 432 RT 123, Sharon, NH. 

Selectmen Meeting - 2016-10-18

The regularly scheduled Selectmen Meeting for Tuesday, October 18th will begin at 5:00PM instead of 5:30PM.

Conservation Commission - Special Meeting, 10/18/2016

The Sharon Conservation Commission will hold a special meeting at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  The meeting will be held at the Sharon Meeting House.

Selectmen Special Meeting - 2016-10-11

The Select Board will be holding a Special Meeting on October 11th at 4:30PM to meet with candidates for the Town Administrator position.

School Board Representative

There is an open position for the Sharon School Board Representative. It is important that this position in filled before the School Board Budget sessions begins. Any interested residents should email for more information.

2016-09-20 - Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan Review

A copy of the Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan is available for review at the Selectmen Meeting scheduled for September 20th beginning at 5:30PM. 

Written comments may be addressed to Robert Greenwood, Emergency Management Director, and mailed to the Meeting House, 432 RT 123, Sharon, NH 03458; or by email to Robert Greenwood at or Lisa Murphy at 

State Primary Election Results

There was a good turnout for the State Primary Election held yesterday at the Sharon Meeting House. There were 102 ballots cast by Sharon voters. Below are the election results. 
For Governor
Colin Van Ostern   37
Mark Connolly       7
Derek Dextraze      0
Ian Freeman           0
Steve Marchand    12
For United States Senator
Maggie Hassan      52
For Representative in Congress
Ann McLane Kuster    54
For Executive Councilor
Dan Weeks               49
For State Senator
Jeanne Dietsch          40
Lee C. Nyquist         17
For State Representatives
Lisa Beaudoin           47
For Sheriff
Bill Barry                  43

For County Attorney
Garth Corriveau       43
For County Treasurer
Jon Hopwood          43
For Register of Deeds
Louise A. Wright      44
For Register of Probate
William Bryk            43
For County Commissioner
Susan Ladmer         45
United State Senator- Bernie Sanders  1
Representative in Congress-Bernie Sanders  1

For Governor
Jeanie Forrester         6
Ted Gatsas                6
Jonathan Lavoie         3
Chris Sununu             9
Frank Edelblut          20
For United States Senator
Jim Rubens                      10
Tom Alciere                     0
Kelly Ayotte                     32
Gerard Beloin                   0
Stanley Michael Emanuel   1
For Representative in Congress
Casey Newell              1
Eric P. Estevez             1
Jack B. Flanagan         12
Walter W. Kelly          11
Jim Lawrence              13
Andy Martin                4
Jay Mercer                  4
For Executive Councilor
Dave Wheeler            36
For State Senator                    
Andy Sanborn            38
For State Representatives
Craig C. Moore         19
Paul Somero              30
For Sheriff
James A. Hardy         36

For County Attorney
Shawn Sweeney        15
Dennis Hogan            18
For County Treasurer
David G. Fredette      34
For Register of Deeds
Mary Ann Crowell     17
Pamela D. Coughlin    17
For Register of Probate
B.J. Perry                  34
For County Commissioner
Len Mannino             11
Robert H. Rowe        19
Delegate to the State Convention-Mark Laplante  1